PSY 200: Introductory Statistics for Psychology

Here is where I sometimes post information for my statistics course when I teach it.

I am not currently teaching statistics (as of Fall 2016). I have no plans to instruct this class in the foreseeable future.

If you’re a person “incapable of boredom” (William James’ words about Wilhelm Wundt’s writing), you can certainly cause yourself some mental pain by watching the videos I created for PSY 200 when the textbook proved difficult to understand for many students. YouTube says there are 87 videos! Did I really make all those?! Anyway, these were not intended to be a full resource in themselves; they were lectures (with all the excitement of PowerPoint with a droning voice in the background) with more detail than was possible in class, explaining concepts that were a bit dense to read in the textbook. I don’t maintain these videos any longer. I’m aware they have some errors (generally some math errors in some of the examples), but I am probably never going to fix those.

That textbook, BTW, is perhaps not the easiest to read, but it is an excellent resource, and it is absolutely free.

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