5/9/2013 – Introduction to R (part 2) information

Download the R code file (it’s a text file with a “.r” extension) by right-clicking HERE and saving the file in whatever directory on your computer that you want to use for this workshop session.


4/2/2012 – UTPA R Users Group Stuff

Here is the demo I created for visually showing sampling distributions and the central limit theorem (here it is without the vertical lines, which slow things down). You will need the audio package installed in R: from within R, type “install.packages(“audio”)

For similar fun and amusement, here’s a less-interactive demonstration of the “birthday paradox”. I did not create this.

Final piece of information: Here is the RStudio website, from where you can download RStudio. Note that it’s an application (program) you install on your computer, not a library within R.



We are now listed on the Revolution list of local R Users Groups. No, we don’t have a website… nothing crazy like that. But we’re listed. Protip: press CTRL+F and search for “UTPA” once you get to the page.


11/21/2011 – UTPA R Users’ Group Stuff (should “Users” have an apostrophe?)

Here is the data file (probably the same as the “Pun” file from last time)

Here is the file of commands for R that I might use for demonstrations.

For each one, you might want to right-click¬†and “save as” or “save link” or “save target” or whatever.



11/7/2011 – UTPA R Users’ Group Stuff

The following file contains data, commands, etc. that we will use in the meeting on November 7, 2011. Download it, unzip it, and you’ll have everything I have for the meeting!

Click here to download.

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