Free Band Names

For some reason I think “cool band name” on a regular basis. I’m certainly not the only one who does this. It happens in conversations, while reading academic journals, watching TV, surfing the web, etc. I mostly forget to write them down, so hundreds of amazing (no, really) band names have been consigned to oblivion. But when I remember, then I put them here.

If you form a band and use one of these completely awesome names, (1) invite me to your gigs, (2) give me credit in the liner notes of your first album, and (3) send me a free copy. If you name your band one of these things and you thought it up yourself, then hey, great minds think alike and if you let me know I’ll delete the name from this silly page.


  • Everybody’s Amber. This is my favorite, and the front-runner for many years, should I choose to make a band. Which I might do. Shut up.
  • Alas, Earwax! Come on, you know this is awesome.
  • Lovelily. Bonus points if the lead singer’s name is (or can be changed to) “Lily.” Do you realize how awesome this is? It’s like love and lily, but it’s also kind of the adverb for lovely. When people ask how you make your music, you reply, “lovelily!”
  • The Musical Stylelings. More plays on words! You’re like mini-style people, get it? Also, when people introduce you, there’s the possibility of humor if they phrase it like, “And now, the Musical Stylelings!” While the audience waits for the MC to finish the sentence, you walk onstage and blow their minds.


  • Ill-Gotten Booty. This is my personal choice for a funk outfit. Get it? ‘Booty’ is a double-entenderay.

Nerdy Psychology Bands

  • Stereo Type Threat. Yes. You want this name.
  • Regression 2 Mean. A good, solid name. Nothing wrong with naming your band this.
  • c.Diss. It stands for Cognitive Dissonance, but that was a little too nerdy.This way, you get to say “diss,” as if you were some kind of 1990s street punk, and the punctuation is vaguely reminiscent of a computer virus.
  • Theory of Mind. The music would be heavy, but also, you know, heavy.
  • Lavaan. There’s nothing clever about this one. I just really love Yves Rosseel’s R package Lavaan, and it makes a great-sounding name.

Important note: Former awesome stats student and research assistant Gus has a band called The Vennz! It used to have an even more stats-y name: I think it was “The Multiple Regression Analysis.” I can only hope I had some influence on at least one of those awesome band names (maybe both, because Venn diagrams are a useful tool for explaining some aspects of multiple regression).

Semi-Sober Jam Rock

  • The Holy Goats. Dyslexia sometimes makes for some righteous monikers.
  • Phantom Honkers. This was inadvertently suggested by my sweetie pie in a comment on someone else’s Facebook wall. I am not sure whether the honkers are phantoms, or they are the honkers of a phantom. I suppose that would be up to the band.