Migrated blog to webfaction centos 7 and php 5.6, fixed wordpress problem.

In case it’s of any use to anyone, here are the results of a couple hours of googling and reading Webfaction’s support (as well as php and wordpress help files).

After having my site migrated from a centos (5?) server to a centos 7 server with the excellent webhost webfaction, I discovered yet again that I am not a sysadmin or programmer or whatever. This blog would not load. Mostly navigating to this URL just caused the browser to try to download the index.php file instead of displaying its results. For the fix, click “more” (or whatever the link says). Most people do not want to know this; those who do will click 🙂

FALSE LEADS: anything about blank lines in php files, plugins, config files, etc. That was not my particular problem.


  1. Added this to the .htaccess file in the wordpress ‘document root’ (i.e., wordpress main) directory:
    <FilesMatch \.php$>
        SetHandler php56-cgi
  2. Renamed (intention: eliminated) this leftover symlink in the wordpress directory:
     php53.cgi --> blah blah/php53.cgi

    (I don’t know if this helped or not, but I did it)

Voila! Fixed! I have access to php 7.0, but I’m not sure I want to test that out, yet.

One thought on “Migrated blog to webfaction centos 7 and php 5.6, fixed wordpress problem.

  1. Hosting

    Or, in the event of a major problem, like a hardware failure, the systems administrators step in to restore the server to a working state or migrate it to new hardware. In a perfect world, software never has bugs, servers never crash, and network connections never fail.

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