This morning, I got an email that seemed initially to confirm my most secret suspicions about the pedantry and insecure elitism of the professional organization to which I belong. It called for a vote on whether we should start pronouncing the “p” in “psychology.” Then, according to the email, “…how you pronounce psychology will be like a badge of loyalty: are you a scientist, or are you… something else?” There was also a jab at “other organizations” who would continue to leave the “p” silent.

Well, coming as this did from the APS, who have at times behaved like the punky kid with a chip on his shoulder at the birthday party, it was just barely believable.

Until I got to the part that suggested that, with the trend toward phoenetic pronunciation of English words, “psychology” may soon be spelled “sykolojy,” with the result that “Our acronym would then become ASS. Nobody wants that.”

And then, finally, I checked the date on the email. 🙂

I made a jpeg (below). Click for full-size.

2 thoughts on “PUH-sy-KOL-uh-jee

  1. Daniel

    Seriously? That’s just…..well, it’s just, okay, I don’t even have words for this.

  2. bobbyfiend

    I know, right? I took it seriously at first, because the APS does have a bit of a reputation for defining themselves by being what the APA is not, and that sometimes means being pedantic and picky. But it turned out to just be an April Fools joke for the APS members.

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