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Validation! I’m not faking all those hours.

This article in Vox describes the typical academic’s work week through a variety of studies. Overall, they fit my experience. When things are at their slowest, my week is maybe around 45 hours. This sounds like a whine, but it’s not about my job: I really enjoy what I do, and don’t mind 45-50 hours most weeks. When my week goes over 60 hours, which happens fairly often, I occasionally question my life choices, and during those insane weeks (like grant preparation weeks) when I sleepĀ 4-6 hours per night and do almost nothing else (i.e., taking time to pee or eat breakfast seems like minutes I can’t possibly spare) I want to beat myself into unconsciousness with a shovel. I’m really trying to avoid having those weeks ever again… but, realistically, maybe I can just keep them down to maybe once a year. Continue reading