other people’s research (opr)

International researchers have found negative, long-lasting effects of early TV viewing on childhood development. I suppose I’ll have to find actual babysitters or something. On the plus side, I now have one more excuse for all my own personality flaws.

Along those lines, the May issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine has several research reports explaining how all sorts of factors during the first five years of life can have important long-term effects on development.

Shockingly, clinical trials can be biased in favor of the pharmaceutical company that is so generously paying for the study. That seems crazy, I know. Next, they’ll tell us that receiving money from lobbyists influences congressional votes, or that getting a paycheck influences whether we go to work.

And, finally, the Supreme Court is going to hear a case about violent video games. The research has been quite contentious, and there’s a lot of money at stake. I’m not as concerned about the outcome; I’m more interested to see what the Court does with the science. Courts have a history of mangling that stuff beyond belief.

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